Low Calorie Dessert Recipe Book


It’s time for the sweetest thing FDL has ever dropped! Our Low Calorie Dessert EBook with over 50 macro-friendly recipes will crush every craving and satisfy in the most ravenous sweet tooth.

You can expect each of these recipes to be as few as 50 CALORIES and take under 15 minutes to make. We wanted you to indulge in your favorite food and feel dang good about it!


Each of these recipes are newly renovated to bring you the best textures, tastes and macros we’ve ever had. Bottom line- anyone who has the slightest of sweet tooth’s need this Ebook.

This low-calorie dessert Ebook includes hands down our sweetest work to date. You will be MIND blown when you have every single craving you’ve ever had taste just like the “real thing.” For a fraction of the calories you will NEVER feel guilty about dessert again. There’s some macro magic in here you will just have to see to believe. Prepared to have your dessert needs checkbox filled with cookies, brownies, cake, cheesecake, ice cream, cupcakes, donuts, pop tarts, cinnamon rolls and more!


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