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  • Breakfast Lovers Recipe Book

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    The ultimate low-calorie, high protein Breakfast Lovers Recipe Ebook. If you ADORE breakfast but wish you could leave out the extra calories that typically come with decadent pancakes, thick oatmeal, yummy breakfast sandwiches and more, this one’s for you! With over three dozen breakfast creations, your cravings will be MORE than satisfied.

  • Food That Smacks

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    Some of our most innovative recipes included in this Ebook! Food that Smacks has over 100 low-calorie recipes that range from breakfast, entree, sandwich, snack, dessert categories. This book includes some of our customers all time favorite recipes such as the FDL Frosty, FDL Pizza, no-bake donut, no-bake oatmeal, 44 calorie cookies, Starbucks Frappes, macro-friendly crunch wraps and so much more!

  • Low Calorie Air Fryer Book

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    Possibly our most versatile and convenient low calorie recipe book to date! Our newest Ebook creation, The Low Calorie Air Fryer Recipe Book has over 80 macro-friendly creations you’ll just have to see to believe.

    There’s incredible variety in the book- everything from breakfast sandwiches to fried foods like Mac & Cheese Balls and crinkle fries. Includes ingenious creations like Air Fryer Oatmeal and Cheesecake. Meet the King of Convenience- the Air Fryer. If you love food but don’t love cooking or the time that it takes, this book is for you.

  • Low Calorie Dessert Recipe Book

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    It’s time for the sweetest thing FDL has ever dropped! Our Low Calorie Dessert EBook with over 50 macro-friendly recipes will crush every craving and satisfy in the most ravenous sweet tooth.

    You can expect each of these recipes to be as few as 50 CALORIES and take under 15 minutes to make. We wanted you to indulge in your favorite food and feel dang good about it!


    Each of these recipes are newly renovated to bring you the best textures, tastes and macros we’ve ever had. Bottom line- anyone who has the slightest of sweet tooth’s need this Ebook.

  • Low Calorie Pizza Recipe Book

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    Everyone’s favorite “cheat” food is being completely remade! All of these recipes are low-calorie, high protein and absolutely delicious. You can expect each of these 40+ pizza variations to be less than 100 calories per slice and take under 15 minutes to make. We wanted you to indulge in your favorite food and feel dang good about it!


  • Move Milk Get Out The Whey

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    110 of the Best Low Calorie/High Protein Dairy Free Recipes to tackle any craving!

  • The Greatest Hits

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    It’s never been easier or more delicious to reach your goals. This ebook is a compilation of only OUR BEST work since we began cooking over 8 years ago. With over 130+ low-calorie and macro-friendly recipes, you will be able to tackle any craving.