Flexible Dieting Nutritional Freedom Course


Put an end to “dieting” forever. We intend on your becoming and EXPERT on your body, nutrition and getting results you can keep. This program was designed to be completely self paced- you can start getting results and making progress RIGHT NOW. This course includes a growing database of 40 video lessons  and comprehensive information to help you reach your goal.s

The value here is INSANE. With this program you get  lifetime access to videos, audios,  and PDFs. BUT it doesn’t end there. We not only give you the education you need but also ALL of the low-calorie and macro-friendly recipes you need to be loving your life in the process. You will gain permanent access to the Recipe Vault, a copy of the Book of Recipes 5.0, Greatest Hits, Book of Recipes 5.1, there’s no way you won’t succeed if you take action with us.

We want your LASTING success and have set up the course and modules to build on one another. It is CRITICAL that you follow the layout and take your education seriously – that is if you want to get those amazing results. Remember, you’ll get out what you put into it.


In Module 1, you can expect to learn how to build your perfect diet by setting up your maintenance calories, learning the ins and outs of tracking, and establishing your perfect macro plan. From there, you’ll learn how to have your favorite foods incorporated into your busy schedule and macro structure.
In Module 2, you will become an Flexible Dieting master and learn how to never be derailed by cravings, inconsistencies in macro tracking or not hitting your caloric goals ever again.
In Module 3, we’ll take a look at your personal demands. We’ll find a way to have your nutrition support you, as well as be a stress free and enjoyable aspect of your life – whether you’re a stay at home mom, a busy entrepreneur, on-call or a full time student.
In Module 4, we talk all about training, establishing an ideal plan, and help debunk current training myths.
Finally, in the last two modules, we discuss having fluidity in your diet for whenever life happens – i.e. traveling, social events, different goals, reverse dieting, etc.