When the weekend begins, the diet ends

“When the weekend begins, the diet ends.”

I have nothing against someone eating more calories on the weekends.

That’s totally normal and usually works best for most people.

During the week, they are much more busy and can naturally eat less.

On the weekend, less busy and more time for food.


What does worry me is a diet that is too rigid during the week thus leading to a disproportionate feeling of needing to reward yourself on the weekend.

These rewards tend to be wayyyy higher than what you had “earned” per se during the week by eating less.

And then that rewards creates a weird food reward system based upon suffering leads to reward.

Soo just be wary during the week with restricting too much leading to this feedback loop becoming more and more ingrained.

Are you someone who naturally eats more on the weekends?

Or have you ever struggled with this before with being overly restrictive during the week and then the weekend became this big overeating fest?

Nonetheless, enjoy your weekend and don’t see this as a reason not too. Instead see it as me just wanting to create more awareness for ya.

Love you guys.