Find your macros

Ever struggled to calculate how many calories or macronutrients you need in a day to hit your fitness goals?

Maybe you know how, but are tired of using a calculator with pen and paper?

Or, you’re looking for a quick and easy way to calculate them?

Well, we have the perfect app for you.

What You'll Get...

Estimate Macros

Calculate your macronutrients in seconds


Convert Calories into macros

Alcohol Tracking

Instantly calculate macros for alcohol based on Calories or ABV

Set Goals

Set your goals and preferences to get the perfect macros for YOU

GREAT! Starting point with calculating macros!
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I signed up to get the release notification for this app. As soon I did I downloaded it. I thought it was a macro tracker, it is not but it calculates your macros for you. Great place to start if you have zero knowledge with macros. I’ve been counting macros for right at a year, and haven’t changed them except like 10g+/- carbs and fats. I entered my weight. Select macros range (low end/deficit). And it was spot on to what I have been following within -10g carbs and fats. So I’d say GREAT place to start if you need macro information! I haven't drank alcohol on my journey but it’s good to know that if/when you need it to fit your macros you can utilize this app! For a long time before counting macros/tracking food I was under eating like 90% of other people who are trying to diet on their own. Tracking macros for a year and currently down -92lbs. Plan to hit -100lbs by my 1 year mark! 💪🏼
Easy and helpful
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I’ve been tracking macros for over two years now and using this app really takes out the guess work from those days when I would manually determining my macros. Macro estimations on this app are pretty consistent to what I’ve used in the past and am pretty pleased with how user-friendly it is! Also, the alcohol tool to determine calories in a drink and the conversion on how to track those calories is, and I cannot stress this enough, A VERY HELPFUL TOOL TO USE(!!!). Especially as you get deeper into your diets. I personally chose not to hire macro-coaching as I have self-coached myself through two diets. By using tools such as this app, I’ve been able to put off 20+ lbs per cut while working full-time and being a student for one of those years. I will definitely be using this app moving forward!
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Honestly this is a quick and easy way to get macros for you. As anything though this is not the end all be all. You may need to increase certain macronutrients to fit your needs. For example like with proteins, some people may need to adjust this number +/- depending how their body reacts. I like how the app has this warning in red to seek professional help if need be. For my own results, these are just about the same exact estimations I got when using the scientific formulas to calculate your own diet. Glad to be reassured.