iPhone Food Photography For Instagram Course

IPhone Photography Course (1)

iPhone Food Photography Course for Instagram

If you have followed me on instagram, I think we can agree that I am pretty good at my food photography….


I used to be terrible at food photography…..

These are my very first pictures from when I started TheFlexibleDietingLifestyle Instagram Page…..

But it’s safe to say I’ve learned a lot over the years!!!

Sugar Cookie Dough Protein Pop Tart
Chocolate Protein Frosty
Mac & Cheese Stuffed Pizza

And the best part is the past 3 years worth of tens of thousands of pictures, I’ve done it all with my iPhone! Yes you read that right! No need to buy and expensive camera. You already have all you need in your pocket!

And there have been thousands of people who have already taken this course! Let me show you a few of the stunning pictures my students have taken after the course!