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About Zach Rocheleau

Life, energy and craft dedicated to helping all achieve Nutritional Freedom.

Zach Rocheleau is a normal guy who loves food, fun and living his best life.

If you’re anything like me, your love of food and good food runs DEEP. Pizza, pop tarts, cookies, burger, so many epic choices!

As I went along my nutrition/fitness “journey” as most people refer to it as, I came to realize that it was REALLY difficult to fit my favorite foods into my diet regularly. 

I used to own a gym and it was in this space that I learned that fitness is one aspect of overall health and wellness. But I discovered that nutrition is the linchpin. 

Anyone that I had coached- from athletes to soccer moms to grandmothers all could benefit from finding the perfect diet for them. The amazing thing is that I use my flexible dieting principles with every single one of them and have had unbelievable success. I still use these exact same principles each and every day. 

Greatest Hits Ebook

Recipe Creator and Ebook Author

Zach’s best selling recipe book is a compilation of over 8 years of trial and error to bring together the most low-calorie and tasty creations. This book was made for those who don’t want to sacrifice flavor and feel like they are eating the “real deal” without sacrificing any progress or physical results.

The History of FDL's Recipe Books:

Life Changing Transformation

Three times a year with have a completely unique and revolutionary program that anyone truly committed can join. The Flexible Dieting University opens it’s doors once every four months for those who are ready to learn the tools, strategies and principles to make lasting change, make nutrition a breeze and get massive results. 

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