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The Infamous Donut Pose

To most, this just looks like me taking a picture with a cool looking donut in front of my face….

But to anyone who knows me well enough, this represents freedom….

And you might be thinking, “Zach, what the heck does a donut in front of your face have to do with freedom?”

Honestly, it has everything to do with it. Food use to control my life. It used to determine my self worth. It used to make me anti social. It used to cause me anxiety. It used to scare me. It used to be the enemy. It used to imprison me.

I’m so serious about this. And honestly these experiences with food have been such a blessing in disguise. Why is that? Well because I know so many of you my friends have or are currently going through the same struggles. I know what it’s like.

So what does this donut picture represent freedom?

Because Food no longer controls my life. It no longer determines my self worth. It no longer makes me anti social. It no longer causes me anxiety. It no longer scares me. It is no longer the enemy. It no longer imprisons me.

And if any of you my friends have followed me for some time, you’ve noticed how excited I am about food! It is my friend and makes my life BETTER! And you know what makes me even more happy!? Sharing my secrets with you all my friends and seeing how happy food makes you! 😊😊😊😊😊

And this once perceived evil in my life has now become my passion and my “Why” in life. I want to help the world learn how to create a diet that support the dream life they want to live. This mission in life makes it super hard to go to bed at night because I want to keep working to change the world! But it also makes me soo excited to get up in the morning!!

So two takeaway point from this post:
➡️ Food is meant to improve the quality of your life, not take away from it. Seriously think about the role food plays in your life.
➡️ Take a look at your life and how you can turn your passion into your life’s mission. How can you take that and turn into your vessel to making the world a better place.

✳️ Please leave a comment below letting me know if food has ever been the enemy for you. And if you want, please share where you are in your journey to improving your relationship with food. Totally ok if you don’t to share but would be soo amazing to know that I’m not alone and I have an army out there trying to make this world a better place.

I love you all my friends. Seriously have so much gratitude in my heart right now.

Lastly, I’m going to use this post as a hint to a future collab happening in the very near with my good friend who made this pose famous….. 😎

Thanks and God Bless,


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