My Low Calorie Starbucks Order !!

My Low Calorie Starbucks Order!

I swear every time I post to my Instagram story showing my Starbucks coffee order, I get swarmed with questions of what I get!

So your wish is my command!

Tell the Barrista this exact order:

“Tall, Light Roast, 2 Splendas in Coffee ( or any zero calorie sweetener ), 1 inch Steamed Skim Milk on top.” Then once you get your coffee, sprinkle some Ground Cinnamon, Ground Chocolate and Ground Vanilla on top!

Very few know that the Splenda packets have different macros then the Splenda coming from a big bag. They use fillers to put into the packets. So each packet has one gram of carbs.

Macros for the Whole Coffee ☕️ 4g Carbs, 0g Fat, 1g Protein!

Now go give it a try and then please put it on your Instagram story letting people know you got it from my post! It makes smile ?

Also, let me know in the comments below if you want more tips like this on the page! If so, I’ll do many more ?

I posted an article about sweeteners a few weeks ago about them being safe, but why use them?!

An important question to answer is why we would use sweeteners in the first place. If they had no benefit, then it wouldn’t be worth talking about them to begin with. The benefit of sweeteners is simple yet powerful: they allow you to consume sweet foods and drinks without consuming the large number of calories that usually comes with these items. This benefit means that you can have a diet soda, sweetened yogurt, syrup, chocolate sauce, protein frosties, cookie nookies, all while still progressing towards your fitness goals! As I said, it is a simple benefit but a powerful one. Using sweeteners means that you do not have to ignore your sweet-tooth, you can satisfy it and still be completely on track! Even better, you will have more calories left over to spend on other foods that you like.

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