Life is hard, nutrition should be easy.

Life is hard.

Stress is real.

But‬ ‪I see all the time when we encounter

A breakup‬

Job stress‬

Family stress‬

School stress‬

Our nutrition goes out the window.

We start eating like crap.

We start falling off track.

But in reality, our nutrition should help aid that recovery.‬ It shouldn’t be another stressor.

Our nutrition should help us live our best life‬

Not pull us away from that best life.‬ And so when I see this happen, my first hypothesis is that the diet in the first place wasn’t very easy to stick to.

It was difficult.‬ It was overly complex.‬ It didn’t fit well into that persons lifestyle.

So when things get tough, the diets goes with it.

I think the opposite should happen.‬ When things get tough, the diet is all the more important.

It is easy to adhere too thus helping you recover best from all this real life stress.

So all I wanted to with this post is to get you to ask yourself the question,‬ ‪“Is my diet helping me live my best life?

Or is it adding unnecessary complexity that will not support me when times are tough?”‬
‪When you start to ask yourself that question in repeat, you start to see what the perfect diet for you should look like.‬