Flexible Dieting: The Right & Wrong Way

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Let’s talk about what Flexible Dieting is and what it is not! –
What is it!?

✅ The tracking of Macronutrients
❌ Not just tracking of Calories

✅ An understanding of the “Why” behind nutrition and teaches you the important roles of your Macronutrients (Protein, Carbs, Fats) in your overall health.
❌ Not just a calorie goal that neglects the importance of our Macronutrients.

✅ A diet that allows ALL Foods and is more focused on the hitting of our overall nutritional needs.
❌ It is not a way to fit in as much Pop Tarts, Cookies, Ice Cream, etc….

✅ A diet that allows ALL meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, nuts and legumes (beans) or any other food source.
❌ Not a diet that demonizes any food groups.

✅ A diet that is not a diet. It is simply nothing more than an understanding that all foods can be had to achieve sufficient nutritional intake for health and body composition. Life balance is the key to long term dietary success.
❌ Not a diet that is focused on an end date where the diet will end. Yes you will eat more or less at certain times but no foods were ever off limits. You know how to transition out of each phases.

✅ Is a form of eating that allows you to enjoy foods without guilt of self punishment. There are no cheat meals. You find the balance that allows your to enjoy the foods you love while optimizing your overall health/performance
❌ Not a diet that restricts your life and lowers your self worth by eating certain foods.

My good friend carter is an amazing source of information. He even offers a free course here as well as fitness coach.

All in all, Flexible Dieting has changed my life along with thousands upon thousands of others. It has allowed me to build my nutrition around the life and goals! I enjoy the foods I love. I fuel my training. I fuel my overall health. And most importantly, I have a smile on my face every single day because of it!

Really hope this helped and feel free to share it with anyone who needs Flexible Dieting in their lives!

Thanks and God Bless,


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