🔥 257 Cal Queso Beef Chalupas

Nutrition Facts

Servings Size: 1 Chalupa

Recipe makes: 5 Servings

Recipe makes: 5 Servings



Total Fat 9g

Total Carbohydrate 16g

Protein 28g

📍 These Queso Beef Chalupas are only 257 calories with 28 protein! Aka this whole plate is only 514 calories!

✅ Macros for each Queso Beef Chalupa:
257 Cals, 16g Carbs, 9g Fat, 28g Protein

✅ Macros for the Whole Batch of Queso Beef (1/5th in each Chalupa):
728 Cals 36g Carbs, 24g Fat, 92g Protein

Ingredients for Queso Ground Beef:

- 16oz 96/4 Lean Ground Beef

- 1 Packet Taco Seasoning

- 60g Queso of your choice

- 2 Light Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges

- 6g Nutritional Yeast

- 60g Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth

Ingredients for 1 Chalupa:

- 1 Josephs Pita

- 14g 2% Mexican Cheese

- 15g Black Beans

- Roma Tomato

- Shredded Romaine/Lettuce

- Taco Bell Sauce


1. Brown your 96/4 Lean Ground Beef in a pan on a 7/10 heat. Then add your taco seasoning and mix. Add 60g of chicken broth to keep it nice and juicy.

2.️ Then lower the heat of the pan and add your cheese wedges, queso and nutritional yeast. Mix all together.

3.Now put together your chalupas. Lay one pita down then add to on side 7g mexican cheese, 15g black beans, 1/5th of your buffalo chicken dip, 7g mexican cheese.

4. Fold your chalupa tightly. Spray both sides with cooking spray and add to air fryer on 400 degrees F for 4 minutes. I added some ramekins on top of each one to make sure they stayed closed while in the air fryer.

5. Once done, open them up, add your tomato, lettuce, taco sauce (optional!) and enjoy!

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