Eating Late At Night

Which are you?

Do you eat more of your calories earlier in the day?


Do you eat more of your calories at the end of the day?

I personally eat more of my calories later on in the day just because I’m not hungry in the mornings.

And early on in my fitness and nutrition journey, I literally would take my last bite of food at 8pm because I thought eating late at night would lead to me gaining body fat.

Why did I think this?

Well when I didn’t eat pasta 8pm, my weight would be less in the mornings.

If I did eat past 8pm, my weight would be higher in the mornings.


I thought it was because I was gaining body fat.

But in reality, it was because I just had more food in my body that is being digested!

Correlation does not equal Causation.

But this mindset lead to much worse issues.

It also lead to me having many moment of overeating and/or bingeing after 8pm because I had the “well screw it” mentality.

One bite after 8pm was the same as all the bites in my mind.

A cheat was a cheat.

So I just want this post to be a reminder to exhale.

Eating late at night is not going to lead to you gaining more body fat.

Doing what I did and overeating and/or bingeing late at night because I set this unnecessary rule on myself will lead to gaining body fat


You are now eating more calories and putting yourself in a caloric surplus.

Love you guys.