3 Life-Changing Macro-Friendly Recipes

If you’re new to tracking macros, you’re probably looking to hit your numbers easily AND still enjoy your food.

But there will inevitably be challenges.

Like what do you do if you have a hard time hitting your protein?

When is it acceptable to swap out carbs and fats?

Why do my favorite foods have to be so calorie dense and use up so many of my carbs and fats?

At The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle we look to recreate all of the foods that are considered “bad” on a diet and flip them on their heads to make healthier/low-calorie, high protein versions of them.

So today, I’d just like to show you a couple of my recipes that will help you stay on track and hit those number with ease!

Why don’t we start with a personal favorite of mine? Breakfast!

Personally, I’m a waffle over pancake type of person.

Typically, though, waffles are on that “I can’t have that on a diet type of food.”

These Funfetti Protein Waffles aren’t on the band list! In fact, the macros for each Waffle Taco:

121 Cals, 18g Carbs, 1g Fat, 10g Protein 

Funfetti Cheesecake Waffle Taco

Wanna see how this sorcery works?! Then let’s get into the recipe:

Ingredients (makes 7 Waffle Tacos):

80g Pancake Mix of your choice

40g Slow Churn Vanilla Ice Cream FLEX Brands

16g Coconut Flour

6g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice

4g Baking Powder

125g Egg Whites

15g Sprinkles

Ingredients for Protein Funfetti Frosting:

30g Slow Churn Vanilla Ice Cream FLEX Brands

16g Coconut Flour

15g Powdered Sugar

8g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix

2g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice (optional)


20g Sprinkles


1.) Add dry pancake mix to a bowl and mix. Then add egg whites and mix. Add cold water and mix until there is a thick batter consistency that falls off the spoon but is not too runny.

2.) Preheat mini waffle makers (I use Dash Mini Waffle Makers and have two to save time!). Once preheated, spray with nonstick cooking spray and place some of the batter to the middle of the waffle maker. Spread around with a spoon until it covers all the waffle maker. Close waffle maker and cook for 1-2 minutes. Error on the side of undercooked. These should be cooked but not crispy because they won’t fold into taco if they are too crispy!

3.) As soon as you remove each waffle from the waffle makers, make sure to fold the waffles to help them hold that shape. I used my bowl that I had my batter in to fold the waffles and hold them into place. Repeat this process for all 7 of the waffles and then place them on a cooling rack.

4.) While they are cooling, add the dry protein frosting ingredients into a bowl and mix. Then slowly add cold water and mix until there is a thick frosting like consistency. Add greek yogurt and mix. Add to the freezer to cool.

5.) Once the waffles are cool, add frosting to the middle of each waffle and press into the shape of a taco. Then add sprinkles on top and add to freezer to help set for about 30 minutes (totally optional!). Then enjoy!

Pro tips:

– You can substitute a 1:1 ratio of protein powder to pancake mix. Just be careful that it will have them turn out a bit more dry than if you used a pancake mix.  A 1:1 ratio pancake mix and protein powder seems to work best in a waffle recipe.

So after you slam this amazing breakfast, next question… What’s for lunch!?

If you’re anything like me, you want something that’s quick, easy, convenient and filling.

Doesn’t get any easier than my Everything Bagel Rice Cake Recipe!

Macros for Each Everything Bagel Rice Cake:

66 Cals, 8g Carbs, 2g Fat, 4g Protein!

Ingredients for Rice Cakes:

3 Plain Quaker Rice Cakes

3 Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese Wedges

Everything Bagel Seasoning

Pro Tip: I added a whole egg on top of each to take them to the next level! Also love to pair with a side of sauteed veggies to make it a full balanced meal!


1.) Lay the rice cakes down. Spread a laughing cow cheese wedge to each. Add everything bagel seasoning on top. Then enjoy.

So we got a breakfast, a lunch and you’re probably asking, “what’s for dessert?!”

Think there’s no way I can make this high protein and low-calorie?!


I’m giving you an absolute childhood favorite… Hostess Cupcakes.

Protein Hostess Cupcakes

Macros Per Cupcake:

73 Cals, 6g Carbs, 1g Fat, 10g Protein

Ingredients for Cupcakes (makes 6):

24g Slow Churn Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Powder FLEX Brands

16g Coconut Flour

12g Black Cocoa Powder

8g Coconut Flour

6g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice

5g Baking Powder

60g Unsweetened Applesauce

60g Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt

60g Egg Whites

Ingredients for Creme Filling:

8g Slow Churn Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Powder FLEX Brands

2g Coconut Flour

1g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice

20g Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt

10-20ml Cold Water

Ingredients for Chocolate Frosting

5g Slow Churn Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Powder FLEX Brands

2g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice

30g Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt

20ml of Cold Water

Protein Vanilla Icing:

5g Slow Churn Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Powder FLEX Brands

1g Coconut Flour

1g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice

10g Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt

10ml Cold Water


1.) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Mix all of the dry ingredients in one bowl (save a few blueberries for later) and all of the wet ingredients in another to avoid clumping. 

2.) Mix all of the dry protein filling ingredients together in a bowl. Add in 10ml of cold water, mix, add in the greek yogurt, and mix some more. Make sure everything is combined super well. You want a smooth texture. 

3.) Take 6 cupcake molds (https://amzn.to/2Cyj6rz) and fill each one up halfway with batter. Add a scoop of filling, then cover with more batter. Repeat this process until all of the molds are filled. Place them in the oven for 20-25 minutes. 

4.) While the cupcakes are baking, mix all of the dry chocolate frosting ingredients in a bowl. Add in 20ml of cold water, mix some more, then mix in the greek yogurt until you get a super smooth texture. Add in 10-20ml of water if need be. Repeat this process to make the protein icing. 

5.) When the cupcakes are done, place them on a cooling rack to cool to room temperature. Add your frosting and icing on top, take a bite, and enjoy!

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