The Flexible Dieting University

with Zach Rocheleau

Put an end to dieting forever.

This is the course you’ve been asking for…

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  • Are you tired of letting food control your life?
  • Does your sweet tooth and cravings get the best of you?
  • Are you someone who fears food or avoids situations with food beyond your control?
  • Do you wish you could be confident in your clothes/swim suit?
  • Do thoughts of food consume you?
  • Have you tried diet after diet only to fail time and time again?
  • Do you believe that dieting has to be difficult?
  • Have you spent countless, hard-earned dollars on other diet plans, gym memberships, coaches, or supplements? 
  • Are you confused by how to get lasting, sustainable weight loss results?
  • Do you find yourself cursing your metabolism for not getting the results you deserve?

The good news... Flexible Dieting Changes all of that

What's inside

Module 1

In Module One, we’ll be building the “perfect diet for you.” We will accomplish this by:
  • Determining your unique goals
  • Cultivating the right mindset to not only crush your body composition goals but thrive in every area of your life
  • Introducing Flexible Dieting as your new best friend and tool
  • Identifying your specific starting point and maintenance calories
  • Providing a crash course in tracking to come up with macros that were made for YOU

Module 2

In Module Two, we’ll come up with your “Game Changing Blueprint” to help you reach any goal and acquire any goal that ever evaded you. We will do this by:

  • Comparing Flexible Dieting to other common diet methods
  • What “macro-friendly” means and how this helps with consistency
  • How to get the most out of our recipe database
  • A full walk through of the perfect grocery haul
  • The exact foods and items you’ll need to make your diet a breeze

Module 3

Module Three dives into fitting your nutrition around your unique time demands and schedule. These topics include: 

  • How to fit food into your schedule at the appropriate time 
  • An example of a Full Day of Eating
  • The importance of food quality
  • When to allocate your specific macros within your day
  • Tools that make body composition goals so much easier
  • The truth about supplements and making the most out of them

Module 4

In Module Four we take a look at your current training regimen. We identify where to start or places you can make improvements, if you are a seasoned veteran. You can expect:

  • The protocol for the best pre and post workout nutrition
  • Adjusting macros for rest days, injuries, time off and the like
  • Tools to take your training to the next level
  • More advanced techniques, like carb cycling 

Module 5

Module 5 focuses on incorporating nutrition outside of the home and discuses the following topics:

  • Cultivating a supportive environment
  • Tracking in social situations
  • Being consistent while traveling
  • Drinking alcohol while still making progress
  • Mindset/practicality of cheat meals

Module 6

In the finale Module, we set you up for long term and lasting success by:

  • Defining the most important variables moving forward
  • Teaching you how to adjust macros for a plateau
  • Walking through the ins and outs of reverse dieting
  • Maintaining the nutritional freedom you’ve acquired
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Six years ago, I was so confused as to why I was seemingly doing EVERYTHING right but the results weren’t coming no matter how hard I pushed.

I knew exactly what I wanted… 

I wanted to look and feel amazing. I wanted a body I was damn proud of! 

I honestly felt like I was doing everything right and had tried so many different approaches, yet nothing was working for me!

I poured myself over all the information I could find on the internet about what the “best diet” was. 

No matter the diet, no matter the approach, I always found myself:

  • Giving up my favorite foods
  • Calling certain foods “good” and others “bad”
  • Saying “I can’t have that” or “I shouldn’t eat that”
  • Skipping social events because I couldn’t control the food
  • Thinking about food ALL THE TIME
  • Feeling like if I “cheated” I needed to go workout 
  • Beating myself up if I strayed even a little bit from my diet

Then one day, I said FORGET THIS.

I was going to discover an easier, more sustainable way- even if it killed me.

I don’t know if this is you, but I’m guessing that if you’re here on this page you’re CRAVING results.

Food is a difficult and touchy subject for you. Your body confidence is not great. You feel controlled by food and not in control of it. You know that deep down you deserve the best body of your dreams and that it shouldn’t come at the cost of every other aspect of your life. 

You’ve seen women or men with these toned, beautiful physiques so you know it’s possible but it just hasn’t been possible for YOU.

Deep down, you know that you deserve all that you desire. You know that your goals COULD be attainable but you just haven’t cracked the code.

  • So what changed for me? 
  • What allowed me to eat every single food I loved and be leaner than I ever was? 
  • What gave me confidence I was looking for? 
  • What gave me my best body and control over food once and for all?

My discovery of flexible dieting and my macro friendly recreations...

I discovered Flexible Dieting and something I called the “nutritional hierarchy of importance.”

I had an “a-ha” that completely transformed my body, life, and the way I looked at food.

I took that revelation and applied it to recipes. This made my results both EASY and delicious. 

What I learned and the macro friendly creations I came up with allowed me to reach my goals for the first time and get there EASILY.

  • All of a sudden, I had no problem with overeating or binging on my favorite snacks or treats.
  • I had zero fears about going out to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends.
  • I could travel without any cares or concern that I’d ruin all of my progress.
  • I no longer spent money on useless supplements.
  • I didn’t have to kill myself in the gym.

I learned the role of carbs, fats, and proteins in a balanced diet and selfishly set out to recreate ALL the foods that I craved that previously would have derailed me.

I found a way to reinvent all the best foods: pizza, poptarts, burgers, cupcakes, cookies – you name it. I crafted a way to fit these EASILY into any diet.

I finally realized why all those other diets out there DIDN’T WORK for me and why so many people can’t sustain themselves on them.

For years I thought that to make progress, I needed to eat chicken and broccoli, low carb or “clean.”

When I figured out that wasn’t true, I finally put an end to “dieting” and failing off once and for all.

The real problem was that scarcity mindset, the idea that certain things were off limits or that they didn’t follow some set rules. It was all these “can’ts” and rules that were keeping me from what I wanted most.

Once I realized I could make delicious, macro friendly and low-calorie versions of literally anything, that’s when I saw the changes happening super quickly!

But it wasn’t just me, I started to share my recipes. I was able to see what this stuff did for other people!

What I didn’t realize when I started was that that I’d be able to eat all of my favorite foods every single day AND that freedom of choice would make reaching my goals a breeze.

After my results and the results I saw other people obtain, with knowledge and macro friendly recipes, I knew I had an obligation to help as many people as I could by sharing. 

That’s why I’ve dubbed this course the “diet” to end all diets. 

Because truly, with these principles and delicious recipes, you’ll find yourself with hundreds of creations to make day after day. Most importantly, WHY and HOW to get results.

The Flexible Dieting University

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  • 20+ Transformational and Action Oriented PDFs and Homeworks ($497)
  • Exclusive Membership to Facebook Group ($497)
  • BONUS #1: Access to Recipe Vault ($1997)
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We will begin the course as a group starting June 22nd. Before this date, you will have full access to the Recipe Vault (over 700 low-calorie creations) and the Book of Recipes 5.0 via the FDL website and mobile app. The last day to sign up for is June 15th at 11:59 CT.

You will get access to six prerecorded modules that contain 4-7 lessons a piece. Although you will be granted access to full course starting June 15th, we recommend that you take the course in bite size pieces rather than binge. 

We encourage that you pace yourself throughout the three-month semester, complete all the homework and journal prompts as well as quiz yourself for the best comprehension.

You will be invited to the Flexible Dieting University private Facebook group for which you’ll retain lifetime access. It’s in this Facebook group that we will have monthly Facebook lives to answer any questions you have regarding the modules, nutrition, or case by case issues.

You will also have full access to the Recipe Vault and the Book of Recipes 5.0, in addition to their respective private Facebook groups to help you trouble shoot recipes and start making THE best food in route to your goals.

Additionally, you will be offered exclusive student discounts upon enrollment. This includes:

  • 15% off every Protein Cookie Butter Purchase
  • 15% off any FDL apparel
  • Discounts to any new product release
  • A 50% discount for Flexible Dieting Summit tickets (details to follow)

We understand that we all get busy from time to time. Ultimately, we want you to find MASSIVE success with this program and obtain your best body and Nutritional Freedom at the end of these 3-months.

We recognize, however, that this won’t come without effort and execution. 

If you KNOW that you don’t have the time to commit to your nutrition and your best self right now, we ask that you wait until our next enrollment period to truly get the benefit of the information and your investment. 

Due to the nature of this course, there are typically no refunds available. However, if you are truly unsatisfied with the course, we will offer a 30 day-money back guarantee after confirming in our back end that you have completed AT LEAST 3 of the 6 modules available to you. 

If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, and follow the processes step-by-step, you will experience more success than you’ve ever before thought possible. But because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. This is a course where it’s your responsibility to play full-out at 100% and take initiative in your own success.

Enrollment opens for the semester in...

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