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“I was in the worst shape of my life, and denying every minute of it. I kept telling myself that I was looked fine. I was unhappy with not only my body but with the way my clothes fit. I made a million and one excuses. When I was in college, I was waiting to graduate; after graduation, I was waiting to lie closer to a gym. Finally, when I landed my first big-girl job I decided it was time to take care of myself again. Zach has an incredible business that is not only modeled around fitness, but friendship. I started becoming excited to workout not only because I was seeing great results, but because Zach and I became great friends as well. The nutrition has changed my life. Counting macros and flexible dieting will now be a part of my future, ensuring I am fueling my body with exactly what I need. There’s nothing more I can say other than thanking Zach for helping me lose 25 pounds, and gain back my confidence.”

Kate Ward
23 Years Old

Kate’s 3 Month Transformation

“I was on the corporate regimen for the better part of 8 months which included almost no exercises and eating out constantly. I was now 20lbs overweight, low energy levels, and frustrated with myself. I used the excuse that I needed to immerse myself in my new career, even if it was at the expense of my health. I knew that was crap and I had to change my trajectory. I saw Zach at a wedding and I knew he was surprised to see me so out of shape, as being fit was something I always held myself accountable for. We talked at length about getting back on a program and sure enough Zach had it to me the night following the wedding. Not only had the program been unbelievable, but our conversations and Zach’s passion for improving people’s fitness/health is truly remarkable! I knew that this passion and his expertise, were a potent combination that would help me get in better shape and be more productive day in and day out. I’m extremely grateful for his help and will be working with him going forward to see all the amazing things we can accomplish!”

Jimmy Torney
28 Years Old

Jimmy Torney
28 Years Old

Jimmy’s 4 Week Transformation

“The first day I worked out with Zach was a big wake up call. I was definitely not in the shape I wanted to be in. I’ll admit it, I was skinny fat, felt like crap, ate like crap, slept like crap, and had no idea where to start. When I first met with Zach, he made it clear that this was going to be tough but not as impossible as I thought it was going to be. He explained that our goal was to make the smallest changes necessary that will give us the biggest return. The first day I worked out with Zach was a big wake up call. I was definitely not in the shape I wanted to be in. One of my main goals was to put on muscle mass but feel good about myself when I took my shirt off. Zach explained the role that in order to do this, we needed to maximize my nutrition. I was worried because I work a job where I am around “unhealthy” foods all day and thought I would have to eat 100% “clean” in order to do this. He calmed me down and taught me about Flexible Dieting. This was life changing for me! I was able to hit my macros but not have to feel like crap if I ate something that I used to think was “bad.” My results have been astonishing! I have went from 180 to 192 in 8 weeks while getting significantly leaner as well! I sleep like a baby now, my energy is amazing, and I feel like a new person! Zach has taught me how to be a healthier, more confident individual in just a couple of months!”

Alex Varela
21 Years Old

Alex’s 2 Month Transformation

“Before I started training with Zach and utilizing his flexible dieting strategies, I had been on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type II diabetes for over 20 years. My exercise routine consisted of walking on the beach morning and evening for about 1 mile each time. It would take so much out of me. When we first met, he asked me what was the one thing I could not do without in my diet and I answered it was my ice cream at 7pm every night. I was waiting for him to say I couldn’t have it anymore like any of the doctors, dietitians, and any other health professional I’ve seen but he said ok lets keep that in our diet! I was stunned and confused! I also stressed that my goal was to be physically capable of getting certified to scuba dive too. After 3 months of his training and him helping me learn how to create a diet around my lifestyle with flexible dieting, I am not longer on any of my medications and I passed my scuba certification with ease! I even deadlifted 145lbs the other day! When we first started, I could barely lift a 20lb kettlebell off the ground. Being able to lift that much weight makes all stuff in the yard or house feel like nothing! One of the things he told me in the beginning but I didn’t believe him at all was that I would be eating more food while losing body fat by the end of the 3 months. I thought he was crazy! But low and behold, I am now eating almost twice as many calories as I was before! Nice perks I might say! I guess he knows what he is talking about! I can honestly say that Zach and his coaching has given me a new lease on life and has shown me that I have way more life to live! I start my day with such a positive mindset now. My grandkids used to call me grumps because I was so grumpy all the time. I saw them the other day, and they said that they love the new grandpa who is happy all the time! My wife has also commented that in addition to me looking much better, she notices my attitude as well if so positive now. She loves the new me and that translates into better you-know-what! I feel better than I did in my 30’s and can’t wait to see all the amazing things that I can accomplish! Thanks Zach!”

Doug Houseworth
72 Years Old

Doug’s 1 Month Transformation

“Flexible Dieting allowed me to stop worrying about food. Growing up as an athlete and more importantly a girl, we are constantly told we need to look a certain way which lead me to seeing food as the enemy. I restricted my calories and I developed a terrible relationship with food. The picture to the left was me when I was restricting my calories and only eating “healthy”. I was not getting results, was frustrated, did not feel good and had no idea where to go next, so I contacted Zach. When I first talked to Zach, he explained to me that we need to create an environment in our bodies where food is seen as fuel. Then he went on to explain the benefits of strength training on this as well. I always thought that if I lifted weights, I would get huge and look like a guy. But I trusted Zach and followed the plan. Because I had a bad relationship with food, when he told me that we needed to eat more calories to get leaner, I freaked. To combat this, Zach just simply told me to add 1 medium sized piece of fruit to 1 of my meals during the day. Then after a week of great workouts, I added a little bit more food. And before I knew it, I was eating twice as much food as I was before and was feeling the best I had ever felt! I no longer saw food as “good” or “bad” but instead I saw it as fuel for my workouts. I knew that if I didn’t fuel my body, my workout would suck and I wouldn’t be able to perform at my best thus wasting the workout. This mindset change allowed me to have a much better relationship with food and in return I was able to eat ice cream and transform my body while doing zero cardio! I am leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been and have to thank Zach for such a life changing experience!”

Perrin Bille
22 Years Old

3 Month Transformation

“I was a competitive athlete all through high school, training almost every day but never worrying about my diet. After HS, I noticed myself gaining weight and immediately flipped out and scrambled for the first diet I could get my hands on. I, of course, discovered the struggles and defect that come with any diet that restricts a certain food group or calories. I tried many different diets throughout the past two years but eventually gave in to each one after another because they were not satisfying or sustainable. In the gym I was doing copious amounts of cardio but to no avail. I was unhappy and unhealthy, not only physically but also mentally. I have been implementing Flexible Dieting and the super customized training program Zach has given me for only a month now but I am already seeing and feeling the results. Now that I am fueling my body properly, not neglecting and depriving it, I am finally seeing the results that I want. I never thought I would be able to eat the things I like and be fit. I am nowhere near where I want to be fitness wise, but I am confident that I have found the right lifestyle to get there. I can’t thank Zach enough for guiding me down this path to success and happiness!”

Callista Decramer
20 Years Old

1 Month Transformation

“Before I met Zach, I had been lifting seriously for about 2 years and had made some great gains. I was going to the gym and lifting with no type of direction or structure to my training. I mean most high school guys do the same thing but Zach showed me how much potential gains I was leaving on the table by neglecting not only the program aspect but also improving my technique, mobility and nutrition. My technique was average on most movements, but not great. So he helped with make small changes necessary in all my movements that would give me massive results. In order to do this as well, we had to really work on my mobility, especially in my ankles, hips and shoulders. While all this was happening, he taught me how to maximize my gains in the gym through Flexible Dieting. The food is fuel analogy and the roles each macronutrient play in our bodies really stuck with me. It all started to make sense to me and soon realized how much progress I left on the table when I wasn’t maximizing my nutrition! I was feeling great and killing it in the gym! I started flexible dieting while I was at home on break from school and was worried once I went back to school and was on the cafeteria meal plan, I wouldn’t be able to make it happen. But Zach taught me so many strategies on how to track macros while at school and most importantly, how to do it with ease! In 8 months, I gained 15lbs on lean muscle, all my lifts went through the roof, body feels amazing, and now have a foundation of knowledge that will set the tone for the rest of my life! Thanks Zach!”

Kevin Pilarski
20 Years Old

Kevin’s Transformation (sorry for poor picture quality)

“My profession is as a Attorney and it has not supported my best health habits. So I reached out to Zach knowing that he has worked with other super busy professionals to create a program that is sustainable around their professions. So over the course of the past few months since I’ve started working with Zach, I have become stronger than I have ever been. I’ve tried crossfit and other programs in the past, but I have never felt as fit as I do now. Zach has been so awesome in helping me along the way, as a motivator and a coach! I had a goal of being able to do one chin-up and now I can do 25 (over the course of a few min)! Bench has increased from 60 lbs to 100 lbs for 4 reps! And front squats increased from 115 to 145 all while losing weight. I thought losing weight meant strength would decrease but I am getting stronger by the day! I haven’t always been the best at counting my macros but doing so has made me aware of what I do consume and portions. It’s a lifestyle that I know I can continue to live. One that will help me continue to improve myself. I still have a lot of goals left to reach and hard work to put it but it’s so fun and worth it! Thanks so much Zach!”

Pam Miller
31 Year Old Attorney

3 Month Transformation

“My whole life I was always the undersize point guard but I always tremendously hard to make sure that I was the most skilled out there to make up for it. I was more skilled than most guys I played against but I had a hard time getting where I wanted on the floor because I was not strong enough to hold my position. I also knew since I was undersized, I need to maximize my athleticism in order to make up for it. I wanted to do these things but I had no idea how. My freshman year at Ave Maria University, where I received a scholarship to play basketball, I met Zach. He analyzed my game and explained to me how much potential I had been leaving on the table. He taught me how to maximize my game. He programmed me a perfect training program to improve my game. He taught me the extreme importance of recovery through nutrition, sleep, and many other crazy things/tricks he had learned over the years! When I put all these together, I was a completely different player! I gained 25lbs of muscle, I was 10 times stronger than I had ever been, I was so much more explosive, and I felt so much more in control of my body! It was nuts! The one thing I really loved was the nutrition. Zach taught me how to eat to fuel my body. He showed me that there were no “good” or “bad” foods and that I could eat foods to fuel my game! I never thought I would’ve been starting my freshman year and I thank Zach for helping me become the player I am today and for the player I will be in the future!”

Exor Torres
Ave Maria University Starting Point Guard

Exor’s Transformation

Bo’s Before

2 Month Transformation

2 Month Transformation

“Before I starting working with Zach, I was 6’3″ 150lbs. I was your typical super skinny kid who was sick of being just that. I didn’t feel strong, my energy sucked and wanted to put on some serious size. I had been working out but had not been seeing really any results so I said screw it, I am going to contact Zach. He analyzed my current situation and put together an all encompassing program for me! He told me that we only needed to workout 3 times a week for 1-1.5 hours while maximizing my nutrition and I would gain 15-20lb in as short as 2 months. I thought he was crazy! Low and behold, it is 2 months later and I am now 171lbs and feel like a whole new person! I am eating foods I love, training 3 days a week, and more confident than ever! I had to buy a bunch of new clothes because my shirts were too tight and my skinny jeans didn’t fit anymore but thats just fine by me! Super excited to continue making gains and seeing what the future hold! Trying to get to 200lbs! Thanks Zach!”

Bo Garner
20 Years Old

“Zach molds and models an efficient regiment to fully maximize any situation. Zach and I mainly worked out during the season and he carefully designed my workouts to maintain my strength while also keeping me fresh in order to produce during the grueling 30+ game season. We also dialed in my nutrition which was a game changer for me. I never had a moment where my recovery was compromised or where I was on the court ran out of energy. I felt fueled at all times, no matter if I was on a 5 game road trip and had to eat on the go, or if I had 6am practice, Zach always had a plan to make sure I was ready. Any serious athlete that is looking to increase their stock and maximize their talent should contact him without a doubt.”

Wendell Powell
Ave Maria University All Conference Small Forward

“I was a runner in high school and could literally get away with eating anything. Then I went to college and was not running nearly as much as I was and still eating the same. This lead to me gaining 25lbs and feeling absolutely terrible! I soon saw food as the enemy and would barely eat anything. I would lose weight and would soon after gain it all back because I would binge on the foods I would restrict before. It was a vicious cycle that continued for a long time. I then said screw it and knew I needed help. I reached out to Zach and told him my situation. He made me feel super comfortable and reassured me that I was going to be just fine! He soon after introduced me to something he called Flexible Dieting. I told him what I had been eating before and that I would eat “good” and then eat “bad.” He immediately told me that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods and that we will no longer call them that. He taught me how to match my diet with my lifestyle and how to fit foods that I love into my diet. No more foods off limits! I also started weight training too and I love it! Always thought I was going to get bulky if I lifted weight but soon after realized that I could lift weights, not have to run, and lose fat! I was all for that! I have lost 12lbs and 4 inches off my waist. My clothes are fitting so much better and my energy is unbelievable! I can honestly say that I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life! Thanks Zach!”

22 Years Old

Natalie’s 6 Week Transformation!

“As a 6’3” sophomore playing safety, I knew that weighing only 160lbs was not ideal if I wanted to play at the next level. I was an all-area player as a sophomore but knew if I wanted to start getting D1 looks, I needed to not only put on a lot more muscle but also improve my athleticism. I contacted Zach and this is just what we did. He analyzed my lifting technique, mobility, diet and sleep. This was a shock to me because I didn’t know all this was necessary and didn’t exactly understand why he needed so much information. Well after 2 month of working with Zach, I can honestly say I am a completely different athlete! Zach helped sure up all my technique errors and also most importantly, my poor nutrition and sleep! He taught me how to fuel my body and get deeper sleep so I can maximize my hard work in the gym! Didn’t have to eat boring foods either! I have gained 15lbs of muscle and my hops are crazy now! I used to be able to barely dunk but now I am tomahawking it now and hitting my forearm on the rim! I also got my first D1 offer as well and have many more to come and I have to thank Zach for that. “

Ty Herring
16 Year Old All-Area High School Football PLayer

Ty’s 2 Months of Gainz

“I used to have knee problems that caused me pain when jumping and doing any lateral movement. I also felt extremely tight all the time. Working with Zach was different because he held me to a higher standard than any other trainer I have ever had. After training with Zach and following his rehabilitation workouts, I am now dunking with ease and have increased my lateral quickness which led to me becoming the best defender on the team. I have yet to have any problems with my knees since as well. Not only that, but I have struggled with my nutrition for some time now and my energy was constantly on a roller coaster ride. I never knew going into a game whether I would have enough energy to perform at my best. Zach has taught me the true way to fuel my performance. It has been a game changer! I know when I step on the court whether it is practice or the conference championship game, I am going to be fueled in order to play at my best! I would recommend Zach and his coaching program to anyone who is dedicated and serious about improving their performance.”

Wendell Powell
Ave Maria University All Conference Small Forward

“Before I started with Zach, I was like the typical high school guy who would go to the gym 4-5 times a week and do bench press, curls, a little bit more bench press, and abs. No leg days for me! That was literally my routine. I thought I was doing it right but was not really making any progress. I never felt comfortable squatting or deadlifting so I was worried that this would be a problem. When I outlined all this to Zach, he wasn’t surprised and told me not to worry. He got me on a 3 days a week lifting program and taught me flexible dieting. That flexible dieting thing is awesome by the way! I was always taught that I had to eat chicken, broccoli and other boring foods in order to make gains. Zach showed me how to eat the foods I loved to fuel my workouts in the gym! After only a single month of training, I gained 10lbs of muscle! More than I had gained the past 2 years of working out in 1 month! I feel amazing squatting and deadlifting now. I honestly love doing them more than any upper body movements. Ohh and my skinny jeans don’t fit anymore…. But thats alright with me! My girlfriend loves that I actually have a butt now! Thanks Zach.”

Spencer Larsen
18 Years Old

Spencer’s 1 Month Transformation

“I’ve always had a dream to be a D1 running back. I have always been one of the better athletes growing up in any sport that I played. But I was ending my junior year of high school and I was 5’9″ and 145lbs. No D1 running back weighs 140lbs and I knew that I needed to put on weight if I wanted to get any offers. So I contacted Zach and we went to work. He told me that the first thing we needed to focus on was my eating. We figured out what I was taking in and he told me I need to eat double that! I thought this was going to be impossible! He showed me a bunch of strategies on how to make this happen and not be miserable doing it. This was the missing link! I thought I would have to eat boring food all day but Zach helped me understand how to do this while eating the foods I love! Fast forward 2 months and I have gained 15lbs of muscle, my 40 time has decreased from a 4.6 to a 4.49 and I feel so much stronger. I used to have a fumbling problem but now my grip strength has improved no one can take the ball from my hands! This past season I was an All Area Running Back and can’t wait to kill it this year and be an All-State Running Back going D1! Thanks Zach.”

Tyreke Hubbard
17 Year Old All Area Running Back

Tyreke’s 2 Months Gains

“While in high school, I was pretty overweight but managed to lose a bunch of weight. I lost a bunch of weight but realized that I was now in major need of putting on some muscle. I knew Zach had helped a bunch of people do this so I decided to contact him. I started lifting 3 days a week and using his flexible dieting guidelines and made a ton of progress. The food is fuel analogy was apparent when I started working out but didn’t take the nutrition seriously in the first couple workouts. My energy sucked, the workouts were brutal and my soreness was intense. Zach told me this was going to happen if I didn’t take the nutrition seriously and so I ended up making the changes and hitting the macro goals he had given me. After 1 month of training, I have gained 10lbs of muscle while getting leaner! I work a ton but Zach has helped me fit my nutrition into my lifestyle with flexible dieting. This has made it so easy! Definitely not as impossible as I once thought!”

Mike Bukovskey
20 Years Old

Mike’s 1 Month of Gainz

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