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What’s Inside Each Recipe Book?

Recipe books bought!

What’s Inside Each Recipe Book?

Inside each book you’ll find some basic guidelines along with these for each recipe:

  1. A picture of the food (because looks matter here)
  2. The macros for each serving (and how many servings the recipe makes)
  3. An ingredient list
  4. Step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow along and designed to be quick to make!
  5. A follow-a-long video for all newer recipe books!

Each recipe is designed to trim calories while leaving all the taste. You can finally eat healthy food that tastes great!

You’ll get instant access to 815 recipes PLUS insider tips (that I don’t share on social media). And this week only I’m throwing in FREE access to all my future books as well!


Here’s Everything You Get Instant Access To…

Food That Smacks (Usually $64)

Some of our most innovative recipes included in this Ebook! Food that Smacks has over 100 low-calorie recipes that range from breakfast, entree, sandwich, snack, AND dessert categories. This book includes some of our customers all time favorite recipes such as the FDL Frosty, FDL Pizza, no-bake donut, no-bake oatmeal, 44 calorie cookies, Starbucks Frappes, macro-friendly crunch wraps and so much more!

The Greatest Hits (Usually $64)

It’s never been easier or more delicious to reach your goals! This ebook is a compilation of only OUR BEST work since we began cooking over 10 years ago. With over 130+ low calorie and macro-friendly recipes, you will be able to tackle any craving!

Dairy-Free Recipes (Usually $64)

Being lactose intolerant myself, I had to make a complete book with all the best recipes MINUS the dairy! I know it can be a pain to track your macros and still find things that taste great. That’s why I took the time to put together 110 recipes that all have dairy substitutes and swaps (so you can enjoy worry free and without the stomach ache!).

Book of Recipes 5.1 (Usually $64)

Our biggest book by far (and officially not for sale anywhere else except this lifetime bundle!). This bad boy has 250+ low-calorie, macro-friendly recipes that you can use to reach your goals much easier! Unlock some of your favorite food guilty pleasures all without the guilt.

Air Fryer Recipes (Usually $52)

There’s incredible variety inside with 80 macro-friendly creations that are all versatile and convenient! Everything from breakfast sandwiches to fried foods like mac & cheese balls and crinkle cut fries. Includes ingenious creations like Air Fryer Oatmeal and Cheesecake. Meet the King of Convenience: the Air Fryer. If you love food but don’t love cooking or the time that it takes, this book is for you.

Low Calorie Desserts (Usually $47)

Our low calorie dessert ebook has over 50 macro-friendly recipes that you can expect to be as low as 50 calories and all take under 15 minutes to make. Each of these recipes are newly innovated to bring you the best textures, tastes, and macros desserts can possibly contain. Bottom line, anyone who has the slightest of sweet tooth’s needs this book!

Low Calorie Pizzas (Usually $39)

In order to indulge in one of the most popular ‘cheat’ meals of all time, we spent years figuring out how to keep these low calorie and high protein. But we did it! And now you can enjoy 40+ pizza variations that are less than 100 calories a slice and take under 15 minutes to make!

Breakfast Lovers (Usually $29)

The ultimate low-calorie, high protein Breakfast Lovers Recipe Ebook. If you ADORE breakfast but wish you could leave out the extra calories that typically come with decadent pancakes, thick oatmeal, yummy breakfast sandwiches and more, this one’s for you! With over three dozen breakfast creations, your cravings will be MORE than satisfied.


ALL Future Books (priceless!)

You get to be the FIRST to look inside all new recipe books I make from now to the end of time! I made my first macro-friendly recipe 11 years ago and since then I’ve made 8 books. With two more coming in the next few months and many more to come… you’ll be getting more and more value every year for FREE!

Being Healthy Doesn't Have to Taste Bad! Lose Fat and Eat Good With These Simple Recipes!

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Introducing the fat loss ‘Cheat Code’ you can use to…

Improve Your Health, Save Hours Every Week, And Eat The Foods You Love!

One of the many recipes inside:

Tired of the “What’s for dinner?” dilemma after a draining day? You’re not alone. Studies show that we spend 40 minutes/day thinking about what to eat. And it’s no secret that most people settle and grab the quickest thing to make anyway! The bad news? These options tend to not be the best on your macros (or your health).

That’s why I spent 11 years perfecting macro-friendly cooking. So that you (and even your family) can prepare healthy food in a flash that tastes great and doesn’t leave you feeling like crap!

These recipes are all designed to be made in minimal time (most in less than 15 minutes) and are so easy to make, my 10-year-old neighbor could whip them up! You’ll follow step-by-step guidelines that show you how to make food that leaves you energized instead of making you feel sluggish.

Reaching Your Goals Doesn’t Have to Taste Boring, Take Long Hours, or Exclude Your Family!

Money Back Guarantee… Forever!

Since I’ve spent the past 11+ years mastering my craft, I am confident you will love my recipes forever… so I’m not going to give you the typical 30 day money back guarantee…

You instead get a FOREVER MONEY BACK Guarantee! No Fuss. Prompt Refund. And That’s That. If you’re not enjoying the recipes, you get your money back in your wallet.


Hi, I’m Zach!

I’m the founder and CEO of the Flexible Dieting Lifestyle. I’ve built this brand and team fueled by the mission to help people see that food should be fun (and that Nutritional Freedom is attainable!).

I’ve been doing this over the last 11 years through recipe creation/innovating and turning traditional “cheat foods” on their head and making high-protein, low-calorie, healthier versions of them. My recipe books were how I was put on the map but my real passion is nutrition education (showing others how to use food and their food choices to optimize their lives).

No matter where you are in your journey, my hope is that you use these ebooks for the incredible tool that that they are: to prove that no food is off limits!

On Average, Members Save 500 Calories Per Day!

That’s 182,500 calories and 52lbs per year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This is not one of those lame recipe books that are all text… Those are the worst. Every single recipe of every single book (815 recipes) have photos so you know EXACTLY how your recipe should turn out! Click the image above to take a closer look!

Yep! You’ll have the macros and also the serving size for those macros!
Yep! The new books will be automatically added to your account and an email will be sent to you with a direct link to download it! Super easy and requires nothing on your besides downloading the new book. My next one is an Air Fryer special and comes out in February (and you’ll get it completely FREE!).
Absolutely! My goal with these books is to give you the best low calorie, high protein recipes in the game! I want you to USE these recipes. And so if you don’t love them (which obviously I am confident you will hence forever!), you’ll get a prompt, no fuss, full refund!

Once you buy, you’ll have two places to get your books. Your account dashboard on the site where you can access your books anywhere, anytime. And right after you buy, an email will be sent to you with your books to download.

Just shoot an email to and we’ll get ya taken care of!
I’m just a guy that’s been making my own macro-friendly recipes for 11 years. 10 years ago I started documenting the process more and sharing online to help others hit their fitness goals with ease. Now I spend my days cooking up new creations to share with you beautiful people!
If you were to buy the normal lifetime bundle it would cost $399. But for a limited time, you can grab my special lifetime bundle for just $99! This grants you access to ALL my current recipe books and ALL future books I make (8 made so far and I don’t plan on stopping!). You might even get a new one next month 😉
Because I usually sell this bundle for $399, this deal allows you to get access for just $99. I’m doing this to celebrate the New Year and help some people CRUSH their resolutions! So this deal is only available until Tuesday, January 23rd at 11:59pm CST (goes away at midnight)!

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