Looking for Amazing Low-calorie recipes?

You’re in the right spot! Let’s find which Ebook is the best fit for you based on your favorite foods and budget! EVERYTHING HERE is 40% OFF!!! CODE “bday”

Which do You Crave the Most?

We have every type of recipe imaginable! Choose the one that you can’t live without and wish could be lower in calories and we will show you your options!

Have a Sinister Sweet Tooth?

Your sweet tooth has met its match with this Ebook. Featuring 50 calorie cookies, decadent low-calorie cheesecake, Frosty’s, Protein Cookie Butters and more, this Ebook with over 50 treats is sure to please. Calories and macros are listed for every single recipe!

Low Calorie Dessert Grid

Love Pizza More than life Itself?

Made for the absolute pizza lover. This book is jam packed with over 50 unique pizza variations. Sweet, savory, quick, convenient and everything in between. Never be derailed by your pizza cravings ever again. Calories and macros are listed for every single recipe!

Low Calorie Pizza Grid

Need Fried Everything?

The Low-Calorie Air Fryer book has quickly become a fan favorite with the convenience and ingenuity of over 80 delicious recipes. It has everything from air fryer oats to cheesecake to sweet potato fries, pizzas and more. Calories and macros are listed for every single recipe!

Want the Best of Every World?

Variety is the spice of life. The Greatest Hits Ebook features breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and original dessert recipes. If you’re not sure which craving might strike, we recommend this ebook as a customer favorite. Calories and macros are listed for every single recipe!

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Find the Book in Your Budget

The Greatest Hits

Our Most Popular Ebook
$ 38
  • Greatest Hits Recipe Book
  • Calories and Macros Included for Every Single Recipe
  • Over 130+ of FDL's Best Recipes
  • Instant FDL App Access
  • Ultimate FDL Grocery Guide
  • Macro Friendly Foods List
  • FDL Book Club Exlcusive Facebook Group

Life Is Sweet

$ 28
  • Over 50 Delicious Dessert Variations
  • Calories and Macros Included for Every Single Recipe
  • Includes Cookies, Cakes, Cookie Skillets, Brownies, Cheesecakes and More...
  • Instant FDL App Access

Low-Calorie Air Fryer Ebook

$ 31
  • Over 80 Unique Low-Calorie Air Fryer Recipes
  • Calories and Macros Included for Every Single Recipe
  • Both Sweet and Savory Options Included
  • Air Fryer Sandwiches, Snacks, Muffins, Cookies and More...
  • One of Our Most Convenient Ebooks

Low-Calorie Pizza Ebook

$ 23
  • Over 40 Convenient and Delicious Pizza Variations
  • Calories and Macros Included for Every Single Recipe
  • Includes Sweet and Savory Versions
  • Instant FDL App Access
  • Lowest Priced Ebook

The works

$ 209
  • Over 750 recipes in SIX Different Recipe Books
  • Calories and Macros Included for Every Single Recipe
  • Instant FDL App Access
  • Ultimate FDL Grocery Guide
  • Macro Friendly Foods List
  • Includes: The Greatest Hits, Breakfast Lovers, Low-Calorie Air Fryer, Life is Sweet, and Book of Recipes 5.1
Best Value

Why I Made These Ebooks

Hey there, I’m Zach Rocheleau, the founder and creator of The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle. What started as me selfishly going about R&D to solve my own struggles has evolved into so much more than that. 

When I was trying to reach my physique goals, time and time again I’d be able to stick to a diet or plan for a while and then I would eventually fall off it. My cravings would get the best of me or I straight up hated the food I “had-to” eat. 

So I set on this journey to re-create all of my “guilty-pleasures”, turn them on their heads and make healthier, “macro-friendly” versions of the foods I loved.

What I’ve done for almost a decade now, you’ll find in my collection of ebooks. Whether you’re a pizza fiend, or have a terror of a sweet tooth, or loveee you some fried foods- you’re going to find there’s something that fits your needs!


What our FDL family says

Changed my life!
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"Man, this book seriously changed my entire outlook on food in general. I used to demonize certain foods and restrict myself from eating things I truly enjoyed. I missed out on family events, dinners, social events with friends all because I was I would bing on whatever food was there due to my restrictive behavior. Your Book gave me so much freedom to enjoy the foods I love (mostly pizza). My mind was finally not food focused and I actually enjoyed making all the delicious foods that fit my macros with ease! Without the book I would probably still be demonizing food and missing out on a lot of what life has to offer! I'm so thankful!
Love it and use it EVERYDAY!
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I absolutely LOVE the book, I use it almost everyday. I love that I can find a recipe for any craving that I'm having that normally wouldn't have any nutritional value and now is protein packed! I love that each recipe is easy to follow and easy to make, only taking 30 minutes or less for prep and cooking. I love that everything is low in calorie but nothing sacrificed for flavor or texture! I got the book for pizza but I stayed for everything else! I know you worked your ass off on the books and it shows.
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I have made so many of the recipes from your book and I can't out into words how thankful I am for it. First of all, I've struggled with weight my entire life but I've always been pretty active and I love the gym. I just have cravings- whether that's pizza or cookies or whatever, I crave it. So I love that you have created so many maco friendly versions of this food we crave. Most of these recipes are simple and the ingredients are easy to find! Don't you hate finding a recipe that looks great, only to see if requires 32 different ingredients you don't have and don't know where to find? I do! You could charge $100+ for this book and I'd still buy it. I paid to print it and then I put it in a binder (prior to the app) bc I use it that much!
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I loooove your book. My husband and I had friends over for dinner and made Mac & Cheese and everyone loved it. My husband east whatever whenever and I use the My Fitness Pal App and follow a mcor lifestyle, so sometimes it can be hard when he's eating junk and I'm trying to eat better. But ever since I started using your book, I feel like I'm eating whatever I want but I'm still within my macros and actually happy about eating. Sorry I'm rambling but I love your book and the regular emails I get with tips. Thank you!