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  • 450+ Recipes and Growing (only 4 cents a recipe!)
  • All Recipes From Past and Future Recipe Books
  • FAQs
  • Access to All Recipes Before They Are Posted Anywhere Else
  • Save All Your Favorite Recipces
  • Easy To Follow Categories
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  • Checklist Ingredients to Follow Along with Every Recipes
  • Entry Into Exclusive Inner Circle
  • View All Your Ebooks In App

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How to Use/Getting Started
  • Be sure to use our Search Bar located on the Home Screen. This is the easiest way to pull up relevant recipes based on your cravings! Like a recipe a ton? Then mark it as a “favorite” and you can locate it at any time under the “Favorites” tab. 
  • Check out our “What’s New” section on our home screen to see the latest recipes entered into the Recipe Vault.

We hope that you stay for us for a while to see all of the innovative and delicious content that comes out, but you’re more than welcome to cancel at any time. Send an email to [email protected] 30 days before your next monthly installment and we will cancel for you!

About the Recipes

There are plenty other recipe apps out there, but NONE of them prioritize amazing food with amazing macros. If you’re a healthy conscious individual, have a diet to adhere to, are looking to lose weight (a lot or a little) and/or are following a diet with certain restrictions (like low carb or keto) this app is PERFECT FOR YOU! Our recipes range from as low as 40 calories to upwards of 500 calories for an entire meal. If you want a dessert for 150 calories, we have you covered. Want an entire pizza for 400 calories, we’ve got you covered there too. 

There are some useful kitchen tools that definitely aren’t required but might make your life a little easier. Check out Zach’s kitchen gadgets all available on Amazon, here!

Also not required but take things to the next level, are Protein Cookie Butter and Flex Proteins. For our dessert/sweeter recipes the macros and flavors and textures are THE BEST because we use incredible macro-friendly ingredients to make them!  If you were just going to get ONE of each, we’d recommend getting Peanut Butter Party Protein Cookie Butter and Flex Vanilla Whey Protein. These are both super versatile and be able to get you pretty far with most of our recipes! 

We do! Use the search bar to help pull up our Vegan recipes that have that in the title. If you need a recipe changed to accommodate your dietary needs, be sure to jump into our Facebook group and ask if anyone’s made that modification 🙂


One of the awesome perks of being a Recipe Vault member is that you can access any of your Ebook(s) you’ve purchased from inside the app! No more downloading/re-downloading! If they’re not showing up in your account, chances are you purchased them as a guest (fancy way of saying they weren’t associated with your account on our website). Shoot us an email at [email protected] with as much information as possible- which ebooks your missing, the email you bought them with, and approximate date. We should be able to fix this for you!